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Frequently Asked Questions

Matthau Media is located at 4250 Wilshire Blvd. L.A, CA 90010
Matthau Media provides service is available worldwide.
Because Matthau Media has established a reputable reputation with real-world experience, name, and credibility, not just a “professional witness”.
Matthau Media Entrepreneurial Director Charles Matthau is one among you can count on.
Charles Matthau has been vetted by over 30 years of experience, and numerous awards and great reviews.
It takes becoming an expert in your field and letting people know of your availability.
No, we are not accepting expert witnesses at this moment.
To become an expert witness, you should have the ability to think on your feet, read the room, and articulate your position in a clear and truthful manner.
An expert witness should only give their opinions on matters they are familiar with.
An expert witness must be wary of becoming unlikeable or shifty as this may greatly affect one’s credibility.
It would depend on the case but I would want to know that they have really been active in whatever they are talking about and not one of these “professional witness” types who have no credibility, and a puffed-up resume.
Matthau Company has been in the industry for over 35 years.
Document review costs $550 per hour.
Deposition testimony costs $550 per hour.
Providing testimony at trial costs $550 per hour.
Some of the other fees to take note of are travel and out-of-pocket expenses.
Whether it’s for a lawsuit or out of boredom, you can get an expert witness.
​​You have the freedom to get another one, but with Charles Matthau, there is very little risk of that happening.
You’re welcome to contact Matthau Company for a consultation.
That won’t be a problem at all! This can be discussed accordingly.
Yes, rush cases are accepted.
This all depends on you; we may work together for as little or as long as you want it to.